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What are the uses of technical veneer
Announcer:嘉善嘉垚  Views:2721

In fact, when decorating houses, the application range of technical veneer is very wide, which plays a very important role. What are the uses of tech veneer?

Technological wood is an "upgraded version" and substitute of natural wood, and it has a wide range of uses. Uses include furniture, decoration, flooring, decorative panels, doors and windows, speakers, sports materials, wood carvings, handicrafts and other wood related fields, almost all of which are used.

It is the emergence and application of technical wood veneer that really makes the scientific wood "big show". As soon as the technology veneer came out, it became the darling of veneer manufacturers, and its market coverage and market share expanded rapidly. With the continuous progress of production technology, as a brand-new facing material, technology veneer has won the favor of more and more manufacturers in the fields of furniture, decoration, speakers, doors and windows, and some manufacturers who have tasted the "sweetness" Technical veneer (or technical veneer veneer) as its main production material-this breaks the monopoly of natural wood for thousands of years. 

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