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Natural Wood Veneers

Skyflag is the leading supplier of wood veneers in China since 2002. Specializing in sliced veneer, rotary cut veneer and veneer edge banding. We are sourcing veneer logs from Russia, America, Europe, Africa, China and ect.

Our main veneer species including:

Black Walnut, Cherry, White Oak, Red oak, Maple, White Ash ,Teak, Ebony, Zebra, Sapele, Rosewood, Chinese Ash, Chinese Oak, Chinese Walnut, Chinese Maple, Elm, Basswood, Pine, Chinese Cherry, Golden Birch, Golden Teak, rotary cut okoume, and other species.

Sliced Veneer standard specifications:

Length – 1200mm-3600mm

Width -90mm-600mm

Thickness – 0.10mm-1.00mm

Rotary Cut Veneer standard size:

4’8’, 4’7’, 3’7’, 3’6’(12202440mm, 12202135mm, 9152135mm, 9151830mm) Thickness – 0.10mm-1.00mm

Veneer Edge Banding standard specifications:

Length: 50-200 Meters/roll

Width: 8-300 mm

Thickness: 0.10-3.00MM

Engineered wood veneer Standard specifications:

Length - 2500mm;

Width - 640mm;

Thickness – 0.4/0.5/0.6mm, and special specifications, colors, and patterns are available.

We offer special specifications as follows:

Length from 1850 to 3100mm;

Width from 50 to 870mm;

Thickness from 0.1mm to 2.0mm (Sliced Veneer)

Engineered wood veneer species including:

Oak,Ebony,Rosewood,Teak,Zebrawood,Wenge,Walnut,Vine,Burl,Cherry,Cat’s Eye, Ash and so on.


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