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The main types and processing of veneer
Announcer:嘉善嘉垚  Views:2479

Veneer can be divided into two main types:

One is natural veneer, that is, veneer obtained by peeling or slicing wood.

There is also a kind of technical wood, which is usually thin wood obtained by bleaching and dyeing fast-growing wood, then reassembled and planed.

The latter can simulate the pattern of precious wood and retain the natural texture of wood. Its function is to be used as a veneer. The surface of the veneer has various specific natural mechanism effects, so how to splice can also play a certain role. Various veneers also have their own characteristics, for example: the thick veneer is not suitable for parquet, and is acidic. The veneer made of PU paint will foam and so on. In short, we should not only consider its effect but also its own characteristics when designing.

There is no fixed pattern in the process of veneer processing. As mentioned above, veneer has its own characteristics. Some veneers also require specific glue. In short, it is just a kind of glue. The methods of sticking include cold pressing and hot pressing, but not necessarily Machines are used. Many hand-made manufacturers use manual work or when the product is irregularly shaped. However, there are also high-tech vacuum stickers. When pressing the veneer, not only should pay attention to the problem of pressure movement, but also the quality problem. There are often veneers. Foaming appearance.

Although there are more wood-grained papers now, there are also materials that do not use veneer, such as polystyrene board and melamine board, but veneer is a good way to reflect wooden furniture, because wood is less and less, but wood-grained paper and wood Grained PVC does not reflect the natural texture of wood, but if you don’t know the veneer finish process, you must start from the actual situation and learn more!

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