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Furniture exports expose China's veneer industry problems
Announcer:嘉善嘉垚  Views:3290

The main problems in the veneer industry under the current financial crisis are: veneer is mainly used in the furniture industry. The furniture industry is currently under great impact. Of course, the overall demand for veneer is also affected; although business operators are also quickly adjusting their strategies and turning to some The management of high-end decorative veneers, however, is currently too fierce. It is often the case that several companies are competing for proofing for a project order, which can easily cause vicious competition in price.

The production and sales of veneer have declined this year, mainly due to the decrease in exports of the furniture industry and the decrease in orders from many furniture factories. The closure of furniture factories is partly due to the large reduction in orders, and some are even in a state of semi-stop production. Nowadays, the market sales are mainly based on engineering orders. The engineering orders have always been proofed. The process takes a long time. In April, the relative sales volume of veneer rebounded slightly. It will soon enter the traditional off-season of this industry, so there is not any Signs of recovery. The price of veneer has not changed much. After all, this is a high value-added thing, especially the price of some special rare varieties can not have accurate market conditions, mainly based on whether it meets the demand.

Although in the past two or three years, with the improvement of domestic processing equipment and technology, regardless of the variety and quantity of domestic veneer sliced in the market, there has been a substantial increase, which greatly reduces operating costs. However, domestic veneer and imported veneer are in terms of processing technology and source quality. There are still some differences, the main problems are concentrated in the following two points:

    1. Special precious wood veneers mainly rely on imports. The domestic processing technology still cannot keep up, and there is a certain lack of cooking technology; the source of goods is also a relatively big problem, especially the log purchase requires a certain amount of experience, otherwise the risk In addition, there is no unified standard for log grades, and there is already a resource of logs in foreign countries. You can choose and select them before processing and cutting, which reduces the risk a lot.

    2. Although the domestic machinery and equipment are good, and the processing thickness is not big in all aspects, there are still certain differences compared with imported veneers. For example, black walnut ** is obvious, and domestic slices are incorrect in color, and some Whitening or even greening, and wrinkles and unevenness.

At the same time, opportunities and challenges coexist in 2009. In 2009, it mainly depends on whether the furniture industry can revitalize and how the furniture factory adjusts the market. It is not a single export to the US market. It depends on whether the market in other regions including the domestic market can be developed. Although this is a "crisis", the current ** The thing is that being able to survive is a chance for a business to survive and come back. If you can do market research, hoard some "cheap and good quality" sources at low prices, learn more about market demand, and adjust your business structure according to demand.

Under the current shrinking market demand, customers believe that corporate marketing innovation plays a limited role. Many distributors choose to “reserve energy and reserve”, increase their research on market demand, use their spare time to investigate domestic and foreign markets, and then adjust the product structure according to market demand. Demand decision.

The customer put forward the policy that he needs to strive for: At present, most of the engineering orders are used for technical veneer or imported special precious natural veneer. The cost of imported veneer is relatively high, and there is an import tariff of 3-4%, which accounts for a lot of the cost. Share, and now the competition is fierce. In this regard, I hope that relevant government departments can reflect. Funds are the lifeblood of all enterprises, and the capital chain of small and medium-sized enterprises is even more stretched under the current bad situation. It is hoped that the loan of veneer enterprises can be given preferential treatment and support in terms of review speed and capital guarantee.

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