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What are the commonly used veneers?
Announcer:嘉善嘉垚  Views:3265

With the development of our industrial manufacturing industry becoming more and more advanced, the use of veneer has also increased. Veneer is a common veneer in our lives. There are many types. Among them, technical veneer and natural veneer are the most used, and there is also a dyed veneer, each with its own advantages and disadvantages.

Natural veneer

The production of natural veneer is based on nature, so it has a natural woody fragrance and a very strong texture. Its special and irregular natural texture has a superb and ingenious artistic charm, giving you the heart and beauty of returning to nature. enjoy.

Advantages: Natural wood veneer is more realistic in terms of pattern and texture, because it is natural growth that is not controlled by humans, and the texture will be very natural.

Disadvantages: Because the veneer is different in age, the cost of texture, color and common defects (knots, color difference, worm eyes, white edges, tabby, etc.) is relatively high.

Technology veneer

Technical veneer is easy to process, and computer design can produce different colors and textures. Variety of varieties, richer colors, stronger texture and three-dimensional sense, so the utilization rate of finished products is high.

Advantages: The diversification of technical veneer textures can well meet the texture preferences of the majority of buyers and pigeons and the requirements of different decoration places. Nowadays, technical veneer manufacturers are constantly improving the natural sense of technical veneer. In the next few years, it will replace natural veneer to a certain extent.

Disadvantages: technical veneer does not have the natural texture of natural veneer, the artificial traces are heavy, the veneer is relatively unreal, and the stability of the technical veneer is worse than that of natural veneer.

Stained veneer

Stained wood is a new type of decorative material manufactured by using high-tech processing technology to color and defect natural wood. The veneer processed by it is dyed veneer, which is a popular special process nowadays. Made veneer.

Advantages: The natural veneer is dyed to retain the original natural touch and texture of natural wood. In the process of processing, the inevitable wormholes, scars and other natural defects of natural wood are removed, and the look and feel are more comfortable and the surface is smoother. The construction is convenient, the color is rich, and the variety is diverse.

Disadvantages: Dyed veneer is prone to color difference, and it is prone to discoloration and fading in the later stage, which is a common problem in the industry.

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